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Aluminum picket railing is the most common option for fall protection.
  • ADL Aluminum frabricates all railings in house, this means all components are custom
    built for the project situation.
  • Pickets can be 3/4" square or 1" square (3/4" pickets can be bent for a unique look, AKA
    "Pot Belly" or "Mediterranean" guard rail)
  • Top cap options include; "Mushroom Shaped", "Bread Loaf Shaped", or 3" round.
  • Installation methods used:
  • Core Drilling:  A 3 1/2" hole is drilled into the substrate to accept the vertical post,
    and is secured with anchoring cement
  • Base Plate:  A square plate is welded to the bottom of each post, and the plate is
    secured to the substrate using mechanical fasteners.
  • Face Mount:  Posts are secured to the vertical face of the substrate.  Either through
    the post, or by using specifically designed brackets.
  • All guard rail to conform with current building codes.