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Cable railing consists of vertical posts set to the substrate, a top cap  (or
'rail') is affixed to the top of the posts, and then cables are passed through
the posts and secured to the termination posts (the end posts in a straight
run).  The cables are then tightened.

The cables are made from #316 stainless steel, and are available in 3/16" or
1/4" diameters.

Cable rail systems are popular with customers who are looking for the
'industrial' look in their railing.  Often it is installed in office complexes.  It is
also a popular choice for people who want the most transparent railing
possible so as not to interfere with a scenic view.
Several options are available for cable railing systems:

  •   Stranded wire diameter
  •  Several styles of posts and top cap are available
  •  Posts and top rail can be stainless steel, or aluminum with several
    powder coat color options.

Please be sure to look in our picture gallery for cable railing pictures to
help with design ideas.  Also, feel free to contact us with any questions
you may have, or if you would like a free estimate.