ADL Aluminum, Inc.
2101 34th Way, Unit B
Largo, FL 33771
Phone:  (727) 531-7176  Fax: (727) 386-4009
A screen Lanais, patio cover, or screen enclosure on any residence can provide a comfortable
living space out of doors with protection from the elements and insects.
  • ADL Aluminum fabricates all components in house, so every project is custom fit the
    existing structure conditions.
  • ADL Aluminum's structures are designed with consideration of exposed fasteners.  Where
    ever possible, concealed screws are used to build the structure.
  • All aluminum structures can be made from white or bronze ESP coated aluminum.
  • Roof structures can be made with either of the following:
  • Aluminum 3" riser panels - 3" x 12" pans that are interlocked
  • 3" composite panels - Aluminum skinned foam panels that are fitted together with a
    tongue and groove method, and seams sealed.  These panels offer the following
  • Noise reduction
  • Insulation from sun exposure (also panels will not sweat on the bottom)
  • Can provide internal beam for electrical wiring (for a clean fan or light installation)
  • ADL Aluminum uses a finer mesh screening for added insect protection and enhanced
  • All doors are installed with a self-closing kit, door handles, and bug sweep.
  • Several options available for design, door placement, gutters, and down spouts.
  • All fabrication fasteners to be stainless steel, or ceramic coated.